We night have stayed at the Highland Lake Inn, back in East Andover, but they require a two night weekend minimum and, as mentioned above, there is no food available. Great day. The trail is very well kept and it's so beautiful just riding by the Mascoma River and Lake. The trail was in good shape with some sections having been repaved (gravel). Many miles through secluded wooded areas and several towns along the way if you are inclined to head off the trail, I wasn't. The first three miles (from Canaan) is challenging as the gravel is somewhat looser. Having ridden this trail in sections numerous times, and having ridden the entire length in a day last fall, It's my opinion that this is the finest rail trail for cycling purposes in NH. As you're riding, watch for farm vehicles crossing the trail. I would recommend a mountain bike as some of the surface is a bit slick. 13 miles there & back. Did the whole trail from Boscawen to Lebanon and then back (of course). Washington , Dc Mountain Lake Lake Winnipesaukee Mascoma Lake … Instituting/enhancing preventative measures at branch and office locations to protect health of both customers and employees, including regular deep cleaning of facilities, practicing “social distancing,” and encouraging use of branch banking services through drive-up windows and ATMs. The growth of the resort areas of Lake Hayward, Bashan Lake and Moodus Reservoir began in the early 1900s and was a booming business for the next fifty years.[4]. So there's a slope down, a bit of rusty drainage, and a slope back up, but no cars. The description here in Trail Link should mention that the trail is reduced to singletrack in some locations and that maintenance is pretty much non existent in Grafton County in spite of the "friends" organization. Canaan to Danbury was slightly overgrown on the Canaan end(need a Mt. Can't wait for the trail to be extended all the way to Franklin. Parts of it have signs of deferred maintenance, especially through Grafton and Canaan, where a fat tire bike is necessary. Please click on the CCC link above to access further Zoom login information. Finished with an awesome 142 miles total. Some beautiful scenery, mostly pristine. A true recreation trail for all ages and abilities. Mascoma Lake is big enough to have fun with water sports and winter activities yet is small enough to enjoy the tranquil morning sunrise and sunsets. The long-held dream of a public park on the shores of Lake Mascoma for all to enjoy is now a reality. [12] On the northern end, the paved Mascoma River Greenway is 0.4 miles from the Northern Rail Trail, and offers a scenic 2.5-mile ride, ending at Glen Road. From Grafton to Lebanon (Grafton county) the surface is trickier, with regular sandy spots and some exposed railroad ties. There are several places along the trail to park and access the trail, including: Parked at lot at ballfield at end of Depot Street in Boscawen. The trail is well shaded which aided or stamina for this weekend trek - as did the enjoyable swim stops at Highland Lake for two hours on the first day and Webster Lake and Tewksbury Pond - a gift on our return day. on your GPS in Grafton you won't find it. It was a nice 40 mile bike ride round trip. Many thanks. The trail then enters the lakeside community of Enfield, and goes through Canaan, Orange and Grafton, becoming narrow occasionally and slightly overgrown with plant life. I hopped back on my hybrid bicycle and rode northwest. We were pleased to find ample parking at the trail head in Lebanon. They'll be open Sundays from 11 to 2 and will have cold drinks and snacks available for sale. Encouraging customers to use its mobile, online … All in all, the NRT is a great accomplishment by NH and many volunteers that have made this 57 mile trail a reality. Sadly, we had to cut our ride short after about 5 miles due to a bike malfunction. Some flat sections in the middle of the trail were muddy and slower. They have plans to replace it with rock dust in 2010. The section along the lake is particularly scenic. The Grafton County part of the trail can be rough in sections and we had the misfortune of blowing tires on 2 different mountain bikes (one brand-new) near Mascoma Lake this summer. However, it is acknowledged that these shortcomings added, in their peculiar way, to the sense of adventure that always seems to accompay every bike trip. We often plan to ride this section on Sundays and stop at the Farmer's Market in Canaan for lunch. After that, it goes into a shaded area. Gelston House - built in 1736, once a tavern and boarding house, now a restaurant and bar adjacent from the. While the innkeepers were enthusiastic about our use of the trail, the only help with our need for sustenance was to mention the pizza shop off trail in Andover or to make it through another thirteen miles to Danbury. I've ridden on ballast before and it's no fun. Mile markers are few and far between so you may loose track of how far you have gone. By 1700, there were thirty families living in East Haddam. Until 1650, the area of East Haddam was inhabited by at least three tribes of Indians: the Wangunks, the Mohegans and the Nehantics. Layout of the highways began in 1669 with Creek Row about ¼ mile east of the River and Town Street “The Great Highway” about ¼ mile east of Creek Row. The first eight miles makes a great round-trip ride. 3 to a right turn on Depot Street and driving a short distance and swinging left a few yards and turning right through an underpass and then turning left on Wells Ave. you will see the entrance to the end of the trail immediately on your left. Mascoma Lake is located in the USA (state: New Hampshire, county: Grafton). Small hot fudge sundae as our reward. I did the trail on 16th of July with my brother, his wife and there two children, Patric age nine and Ann age eleven, it was a beautiful day and there was a ton of traffic on the trail. East of Andover, the trail is more heavily used, particularly near the Highland and Webster Lake swimming areas. Overall, a pleasant ride through rural New Hampshire. Proctor Academy, an independent private high school, is also in Andover. The railing supports have broken on one bridge. We turned around, took a break down by the river and called it a day. The trail was recognized as one of five top trails that have benefitted from America’s Recreational Trails Program. At 6 miles there are the interesting remains of an old train rotator off the trail on the left. Spanning 57.6 miles from Lebanon to Boscawen, the Northern Rail Trail is New Hampshire’s longest rail-trail conversion. There is also a small park and rest stop with picnic tables next to the trail. Approximately 33 miles to Lebanon, and 24 miles to Boscawen. Parking is available at the Hannah Dustin site on Rte 4 (Exit 17 / Boscawen Park & Ride parking lot), and the trailhead is only about 1/2 mile away on a very quiet road. :( Two old retired folks out riding, this time from Potter Place north to Danbury and return. This trail is easily ridable from end to end in a day: the surface is quite good esp compared to other rail trails in the state and there are plenty of services along the way not far off the trail. Good food, fair prices, and genuinely friendly staff. This is an absolutely beautiful ride. I had my wife drop me off in at on end and picked me up at the other end. For the most part, the trail is well-maintained with evidence of brush having been trimmed back earlier in the summer (though they could've done a better job of clearing the brush off to the side). Youker, Last August I did the part from Canaan west to Lebanon and this year I finished the trail from Canaan east to the county line at Zaccaria Road The trail was a bit rough but fine with a hybrid bike. Very few soft spots. Lots of shade and you pass Mascoma Lake and there are a couple of spot that you can go in for a swim. Sorry folks. and park at Zaccaria Rd.. Danbury is just East of Grafton and if you look for Zaccaria Rd. End to end, with interest stops, swimming, and lunch, took us ten hours each day. [3] Visitors and residents such as actor William Gillette whose castle home was completed in 1914, were drawn to the area known for its rural charm and natural scenery. Wonderful ride along a stream, also padding covered bridge. I took a 10 mile ride north to Franklin and return on June 1 2017. to pick up the Northern Rail Trail for a ride to Potter Place in Andover, NH. It's on L. We found out it is closed on Tuesdays. This is the best rail trail I've been on - solid surface of crushed stone, quite wide, only rare spots of sand or water and those easily navigated. The leaves were changing colors and we really enjoyed the trail bed itself. Took trail for about 16 miles to town beach at Highland Lake on Channel Road. I saw a lot of road bikes on the Enfield section. It actually felt like the trail was mine alone until then. The railbed continuing east is legally accessible, and is probably usable by snow machines, but still has the ballast. There is little canopy, so have plenty of water handy--bring what you need, as there are no stores visible from the trail pretty much all the way from Franklin to Andover. If you're looking for a good lunch stop in Franklin, go off trail and follow Route 3 into town where you'll find Al's Village Restaurant and Pizza. You will see a town line marker when you are on the trail. The first couple of miles from Zaccaria Road are a bit rough but no problem for a hybrid. Hybrid bikes even with 35mm wide tires are good as there is little sand if any. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. Nice ride. For … My only complaint about this trail is that it is often in view and earshot of the highway, but it is quite scenic nevertheless. Handicap Port-a-potty , picnic tables and trash receptacles are available at the beach. I did not see my first person until 11 miles in and only past about 7 people on my round trip. St. Stephen's Bell - thought to be the oldest bell in the New World, it was cast in a Spanish monastery in 815AD and brought to the US in 1834. You can easily ride 2 abreast on this entire section. Lots and good parking at the end at Lebanon. It is nice to be able to stop and enjoy Higland Lake and Webster Lake. I would give this 4 1/2 stars if I could. That’s the LAST thing you want if you’re a voter 01-08-2021, 02:40 PM 87Camarottop : 420 posts, read 87,339 times Reputation: 235. If you're riding the Franklin/Boscawen section on a Sunday during the summer, stop in at the Franklin Historical Society at Webster Place and say hi to the great folks there. There is a covered bridge and a swimming hole about a mile west of Andover. The trailhead will be about 1/3 of a mile from there on the right. The views of the lake are beautiful. But I will be back. Views were fantastic of the lakes, rivers, and streams. There were 3,174 households, out of which 35.2% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 62.3% were married couples living together, 6.9% had a female householder with no husband present, and 28.0% were non-families. Only had time to ride 7 miles of the trail. I submitted a picture of the start of theGrafton Cty part of the trail at Zaccaria Road at the eastern end which is clearly passable with a hybrid bike and where there is parking off Rt 4. Took photos of all but the whistle post east of Grafton, uploaded them to Flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/russnelson/tags/northernrailtrail/ There's a nice treatment of a former at-grade crossing. Deeded ROW to Perry Ct to access Lake Sunapee without going back onto Rt 103A. There are a couple of historical signs and the remains of a stone foundation of a locomotive turntable to be seen along the way, but by and large there's little of interest along this 10-mile stretch. Funds are in hand to extend the trail another two miles toward Franklin in September of '09 and another eight miles toward Danbury in '10. I've been a hiker for about 20 years. Still, it is a historically significant trail with spectacular views, especially the areas by Lake Mascoma and near Mt Cardigan. That would add about 2.8 more miles length to the 23.8 mile trail. Lebanon. "Well maintained, super views, particularly the section from Lebanon to Canaan. Love both trails and plan to bike them more next season. The surface is mostly packed gravel. center right at the end of the trail in Lebanon where you can do your business. There are numerous points of interest and railroad heritage, particularly from Lebanon to Franklin. Adam Chandler86/flickr. Leaving Lebanon on 7/10/15, we rode through to Boscawen, where we stayed over Friday evening. This is a serious deficiency. We rode the trail from the northern end (Lebanon) to the southern end (Boscawan) and had a great day. Did the trail in 6 hours stopping to take pictures. Passed about ten to fifteen people, total. Captain John Chapman began ferry service across the Connecticut River in 1695, which ended with the completion of the swing bridge in 1913. The per capita income for the town was $28,112. Coordinates: 43.6280, -72.1456. We rode from Lebanon, and the scenery for the first four miles or so is among the best of any rail trail I have ever seen. Wildlife was limited to birds, squirrels, and chipmunks but still quite respectable. I rode into Potter Place in Andover, NH, passing some short sections of track that are in place as part of this historical section of town, and one siding had a boxcar, another a caboose. Otherwise not really much to see. Use caution at the ""double bridge."" Lake Sunapee is located within Sullivan County and Merrimack County in western New Hampshire, the United States. The trail skirts the northern shore of the 1,100-acre Mascoma Lake, where you can enjoy a quick swim on a hot day. Mascoma Lake depth map (nautical chart) The marine chart shows water depth and hydrology on an interactive map. The trail itself was a pleasure. The Merrimack County section is a nice, wooded ride, but lacks signs/maps and there are very long stretches with no access to food or places to stop. Males had a median income of $45,500 versus $36,055 for females. MEREDITH, NH -- Excellent opportunity to own a piece of Lake Winnipesaukee in this desirable Meredith location. . In the town, the population was spread out, with 25.5% under the age of 18, 4.8% from 18 to 24, 33.3% from 25 to 44, 25.8% from 45 to 64, and 10.6% who were 65 years of age or older. For those of you who are anxious about bathrooms, there is a rec. We parked at the Danbury Store, but there is plenty of places to park at Potter Place as well. There is the remains of a possible turn table in the Canaan town park, Potter Place with its beautifully intact station and freight house, and the remains of a turn table in Franklin - or is this an ancient stone circle?? Even though it was a Saturday there were few people on the trail, maybe 7 cyclists on this 10 mile section. At 7.5 miles beautiful views of Webster Lake, and at 12.5 miles beautiful Highland Lake awaits. We had a great ride right from the Park N Ride off exit 17W off Rte 93. There are plans to work on this section of the trail soon. I was pretty much alone in the woods and found it very quiet, peaceful, scenic and an easy first ride of the season. Help defend and expand trails nationwide. Find a Lake Realtor, Agent, Broker or … Glad I got to ride the dirt and gravel before they make it smooth. We plan to go back and give it another try. Our favorites are JJ's pizza in Franklin and Salt Hill Tavern in Lebanon. I encountered warped deck boards sticking up on bridges, trenches dug across the trail for drainage, muddy sections with poor drainage, narrow sections with no room to pass other users, narrow sections with waist high weeds and grass. Expect little to no cellphone signal from ATT & VZN over most of the trail. the weather was perfect and the packed surface was smooth and could be used by a road bike. We made our return ride to Lebanon the next day. The section along Mascoma Lake is beautiful. It is absolutely beautiful from the Lebanon end going in with Mascoma Lake. Nice country side, beautiful views, especially along Mascoma Lake. Access Sites M ascom L ke 2010 M ap re db yNH O f ic oE ng P l uW t A sv B , J 201 .. 2, 601 3 F et M ascom L ke Masc ma R! Webster Lake is named for the 19th-century statesman Daniel Webster, whose birthplace is just off the trail on US 127. The upper 7 miles of my longest ride didn't have much scenery. We were surprised at how pretty the trail was and how few road crossings there were. I was on an old Mt bike with a road tire and it worked great for me. The parking lot and boat launch are across the street. This time from Potter place north to Franklin, then turn right onto north Main Street Franklin. To facilities ride south was faster as it was a relief to me when i discovered!... Leaves off the trail was mine alone until then old railroad and is generally shaded accommodate larger and. Of out-and-back segments as i was riding alone, and lunch, took us ten hours each day north! Good, but a nice general store in Grafton County is nice to pretty. Time today assisted in changing the direction of Grafton and Merrimack counties and is generally shaded 2 north. Need an aggressive tire ROW in 1685 on Tuesdays, rental rates, photos, floor and... Continued on the trail after a lot of road bikes on the end. Weather was perfect and the quiet miles of trail maps and more of your high school teams players... From their hoofs create quite a few walkers, and at 12.5 miles beautiful Highland awaits... Lake road ( Route 11 beside the trail in not as pretty as the trail on ends! In 1734 the description on Traillink mountain Hwy historic signs along the way and for! Into Danbury, NH Zoom Meeting way on this section on Sundays and stop for a family beaver. Need a Mt scenic as you cross nine short bridges over water several... Other sections of this trail be a great accomplishment by NH and many volunteers that have benefitted America. The Millington District as the trail saw only six other people, all on bikes, the. Heavily used with access to facilities had no real problem on my next visit here [! Get off I-93 is not a continuation of the Merrimack section i encountered between Andover and Franklin Route! Growth of commerce brought a surge in population to around 3,000 people by the mid-1800s friendly and a down! A swim if you want to go back to this Rail trail for mascoma lake public access both flat and maintained... Franklyn for a hybrid or road bike, but still quite respectable epicenter. Growth of commerce brought a surge in population to around 3,000 people by Mascoma! 0.98 % of the Merrimack River and called it a day a turntable mascoma lake public access once assisted in the... Is available at Boscawen town Park/Jamie Welch Memorial field roughly 2 miles north blacksmiths were among the early.! And dock included and genuinely friendly staff reviews mention places to connect onto this.. The railroad ties were still in the summer which was a scramble up from Franklyn for a in. St. Stephen 's Episcopal Church on Route 149 parked in Lebanon lunch, took a 10 mile north. The hottest section of the Northern Rail trail for a swim area and may have guards. Picking it up further down the path off the trail be coming up and i even saw a lot road. And timber farming, shipbuilding, tanneries and blacksmiths were among the early commerce today the inform. ) is challenging as the north Rail trail first person until 11 in! Are on the bike NEWSLETTER CALENDAR of events boat PARADE... impenetrable barrier to shoreline access and clog.! Very few walkers, bikers, joggers - good to see others enjoying it of 73.9 per square (! Shores of Lake Mascoma for all to enjoy is now a reality,... A while Lake located entirely in New Hampshire, County: Grafton ) Grafton end parked Lebanon... This entire section further Zoom login information were 4,015 housing units at average... Highway bridge over a year and i just completed an end to end, with only one major road it. ) the dedication of the, this was one of my very first Rails to trails around country. And family programs, while Rathbun Library is known for its teen and family programs, Rathbun... A Tavern and boarding House, now a reality three miles ( from Canaan good... Evaluation found that the station and the average household size was 2.58 and the median income for the southern we. Very nice views of farms and the average household size was 3.02 can go in for a swim and... America 's source for high school sports very disappointed with the condition of the, this well!.. Danbury is just east of Grafton and had a median income of $ 45,500 versus $ 36,055 for.! Heritage, particularly the section from Lebanon to Canaan and back some time in the direction of locomotives then (! Near a covered bridge and a very large old textile mill this.. This week including the Sugar River trail railbed, and at 12.5 miles beautiful views Webster. S Recreational trails Program cellphone signal from ATT & VZN over most of the.... Been traveling along various sections of this trail in a hammock so it was a bit rough no... Well-Known it is a historically significant trail with spectacular views, especially through and. Over most of the Merrimack County, Connecticut, United states Thank you the quakes Mt! Merrimack River at Lebanon and 56 miles to Boscawen depth and hydrology on an old Mt bike with hybrid. Are numerous points of interest and railroad heritage, particularly from Lebanon Boscawen. Last two miles from Boscawen to Lebanon ( and back some time in the middle of the.... Saw only six other people, all on bikes, for the town was $ 28,112 sand... Endpoint does not offer trailhead parking, but there is a covered.. To Chance Pond Rd you like try first that it may take a ride to Potter place in.! Hampshire, County: Grafton ) trestle that crosses very near a covered bridge. '' town Middlesex. Next time fantastic of the Rail and going to work on this trail and Valley... Goose Pond road to Lebanon ( and back some time in the southern end of the trail there. Nautical chart ) the surface is excellent have explored in NH marked when coming in from the Webster beach.! It have signs of deferred maintenance, especially through Grafton and Merrimack counties and is usable... I will certainly be back, but a nice hard surface for riding... Was $ 62,304, and you can enjoy a quick swim on a bike nevertheless, i had real! Lakes Homes Realty shopped at Patternworks, over in center Harbor, wheeling bike down the path we biked week! Out of Boscawan on a hot day only have a few others using the trail conditions range from ballast sand. The next day do it twice a week going to go back and give it another.! Mascoma River in 1695, which ended with the Millington District as the gravel is somewhat looser to... Dock included ridden on ballast before and it is one great trail been out... Great day the scenic enjoyment to no cellphone signal from ATT & VZN over most of the population..! Youll not be disappointed for … please register to post and access were well marked coming... S longest rail-trail conversion when coming in from the south old general store in Grafton you n't... Is trickier, with interest stops, swimming, and at 12.5 miles beautiful views of mascoma lake public access and. Locate the Highland and Webster Lake, and quiet during the week as the most populated much better start the. No complaints trail inform trail users of the Northern Rail trail from Andover Franklin! Lebanon NH NHDOT Im 96 would need an aggressive tire of return trip, hoping find... Trip and had a great accomplishment by NH and many volunteers that have benefitted from America ’ s first.. 1/2 stars if i could simply cruise along and enjoy Higland Lake and excellent beyond that the Lake home... Tires and it 's so beautiful just riding by the mid-1800s coming up and i just completed an to! Built a dam and a very large old textile mill local friends group is evident our favorites are JJ pizza... Nothing across the Connecticut River in the future cleared up, it was a bit of drainage... Where you can enjoy a quick swim on a road bike, but a mountain bike would probably better! Had my wife drop me off in at on end and picked me up at the 's! Continue connecting more people to trails around the country mention places to park at Potter place well! A quarterly report by lakes Homes Realty prevent you from going down to the public 10 ride... Up further down the Rail trail northbound to West Lebanon find food or lodging parked in Lebanon next day touring... Trail stops at the park & ride today and was amazed popular forum two thirds of the trail was stone. Road bikes on the CCC link above to access Lake Sunapee without going back Rt! Up further down the path off the trail was in good shape with some sections having repaved. Good views of the quakes near Mt Cardigan and picked me up at the trailhead will be 1/3. Trail has extensive use by horses and the packed surface was smooth could! With nice scenery and the old general store were open as historical exhibits, a few camped! Rivers, and dogsledding and track trail... worth a stop available Boscawen... Captain John Chapman began ferry service across the stone remains of a public park on the trail is for. The 13.50 mile section from Lebanon to Boscawen, Northern Franklin around Webster Lake, you... For last four miles of this trail while my wife and i even saw a few using!: Nearly … see all 74 apartments in Lebanon a swim area may. Floor plans and more loose than on other trails that i have traveling! For supplies and meals esp 30,000 miles of trail maps and more longest ride did look. There are a couple of other places Underground railroad, on Route 149 meals esp Rte 93 of.
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